Friday, March 9, 2018

Spirit Week, Staff-Student Basketball Game, Kindergarten Musical and Yearbook Sales

We have a busy week ahead.  Please refer to our email and these pictures as reminders to each event.  Next week is spirit week, the kindergarten musical and the staff-student basketball game!

Friday, March 2, 2018


We've been busy writing "All About" stories, making numbers 1-10 and numbers in the teens (addition problems), reading books and discussing habitats.  We're getting ready for the student and staff basketball game.  Next week, we will have SPIRIT days on Thursday & Friday.  We will also have SPIRIT days Monday, March 12-Thursday, March 15.  Please see the picture below for details.

Next week's schedule:
Thursday-EARLY RELEASE...all kindergarten to the gym

Friday, February 23, 2018

Making Numbers/PowerBlock/Writer's Workshop

 In math we have started working on making numbers.  We are discussing how a "whole" can be broken into "parts".  The students are catching on and having fun. We have worked with the numbers 4 and 5 very closely.  It is another strategy in teaching math facts.  Example:  5=2+3.  The "whole" 5 can be broken into 2 parts 2 and 3.  We have challenged some students with breaking down bigger numbers (10, 20, etc) AND/OR breaking the number into more parts:  5=2+2+1.  Try giving your child a number less than 10 and asking him/her to give you the parts.  Our ultimate goal is to have students be able to add and subtract fluently to the number 5.  This means mix up addition/subtraction problems, answer the equations correctly and do it without using objects to help (fingers, counters, etc.)  Keep working on this skill at home.

We have been working hard during our PowerBlock time to learn different reading strategies.  We've been retelling stories and are also discussing the main idea.  It is easier to find the main idea in non-fiction stories (all about bears, weather, seasons, etc.).  We're working hard to find the main idea in fiction stories as well. 

We continue with Writer's Workshop and writing All About stories.  We're working hard to write a beginning, 3 facts and an ending.   
Next week's schedule: