Friday, September 15, 2017

Kindergarten Ribbons. Math. Writing. Reading

We've had another busy week in kindergarten.  We are working hard to master some kindergarten learning goals!  We have 7 learning goals that we are practicing at school.  We will color the ribbons we have mastered on Monday and send it home with midterms!  Be on the lookout for these papers on Monday!

Yellow-I can identify all 26 uppercase and lowercase letters.
Blue-I can count to 100 by ones and tens.
Red-I can identify and write the numbers 0-20.
Black-I can produce ALL 42 Jolly Phonics Sounds.
Orange-I can read all 75 kindergarten sight words.
Green-I can fluently add and subtract numbers to 5.
Purple-I can read books that are "on" kindergarten grade level (D).

We have been working on some of these goals EVERY day.  We hope that you are working on these goals at home as well.  We will be celebrating our ribbons each quarter.  We will have our first "Ribbon Celebration" at the end of first quarter.  Until then, we will continue to practice!

This week in writing, we have been working hard on labeling pictures.  We are drawing detailed pictures that we can label.  We're working hard to stretch words out.

During math, we have been working on MORE and FEWER.  We've also continued on with writing the numbers the kindergarten way! 

In reading, we have been working on "thinking" about our reading.  When reading a story we have been talking about what is happening and what we think will happen.  We have been looking at the pictures and talking about what the characters are doing.

We are almost through 3 groups of Jolly Phonics.  Please keep working on these skills.

Next week's schedule:

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Reader's Workshop, Writer's Workshop, Math Workshop, Jolly Phonics, Science and Class Jobs

We've had another great week in kindergarten.  We have been learning the rules and routines for  Reader's Workshop time.  The students have learned about "reading to self."  Each student finds a quiet spot in our class to read and reads the books quietly.  We have emphasized pointing to EVERY word on the page while we read.  This is a great skill to practice at home when you are reading with your child.  You as the reader can point to the words OR you can have your child point to the words while you read each of them.  This helps your child track words from left to right and decipher a letter from a word.  We've spent time talking about what good readers do.  Good readers look at the pictures, they read every page, they read the title and they look at all the parts of a picture.

Kindergartners have also spent time during Writer's Workshop writing about themselves.  We have learned that good writers draw pictures with details.  We have started to "stretch" out words.  We as writer's are being brave and trying to write words.

In math we have been discussing "more/fewer."  The students are doing a great job with "more" and "fewer."  This unit also wants students to figure out "how many more?"  or "how many fewer?"  We have been learning to match the pictures and see which objects do not have a match.  This helps us to determine which group has more or fewer and how many are without a match.

We've started our science unit on push and pull.  The students have come up with some great ideas of things we can push and things we can pull.

The students have become "leaders" in our classroom with a class job.  We're working together to make our classroom a fun place to learn.

Please continue to work on the Jolly Phonics sounds at home.  These are VERY important at the beginning of kindergarten!

On Monday (September 18), we will be sending home kindergarten midterms.  Teachers have been busy "testing" all students on Letter Identification, Jolly Phonics Sounds, Number Identification, Counting, Reading Sight Words and Reading.

Next week's schedule:
Tuesday-D-day-BIKE NIGHT

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Jolly Phonics Sounds, Making Words, Reading Words, Reading Books with Sight Words & Counting/Writing Numbers 1-5

Wow, it's been a busy week in kindergarten.  We have learned, practiced and reviewed these Jolly Phonics Sounds:  s, a, t, i, p, n, c, k, e, h!  During our phonics time we have learned how to write both the uppercase and lowercase letters the "kindergarten" way.  We've also practiced how fast we can recall the sounds.  This week we have worked on reading words by putting these sounds together.  This is a great activity to practice at home.  Use these words (sat, pat, cat, hat, sit, pit, kit, hit, sip, nip, hip, hen, pen, ten, tick, sick, pick, sack, pack, neck, it, at) to practice at home.  You can practice in many ways.  Here are some ideas:

1.  Write these words and have your child say the sound and read the word.
2.  Use letter cheeze-its and make/build these words-then read the word and eat the snack.
3.  Use sidewalk chalk to write the words.
4.  While driving in the car, the adult can say the sounds and ask the child to "guess the word."
5.  Use shaving cream and write the words.
6.  Build the words with magnetic letters.

This practice is VERY important in building a foundation for reading!  If your child can read these words quickly, trying having him/her write the words.  This will build on the skills we're doing at school.  Find these words in books you're reading at home.  Go on a "hunt" for words in books/magazines, etc.

Along with studying the Jolly Phonics Sounds, we've started learning the kindergarten sight words and ways to read a book.  We've talked about being "readers!"  We can look.  We can think.  We can read.  These are ways to spend time with books.  We've spent time reading I Can and What I Like.  We're keeping these books at school and will be adding more to our collection.

In math, we've spent time counting different groups of objects and writing the corresponding number.  We've changed the arrangement of the objects and counted them again-we've realized it's still the same number even if the group looks different.  Writing numbers is another great way to practice the skills we've been learning at school.