Friday, May 18, 2018

Paradise Park

We had a great field trip to Paradise Park. We explored all about seeds/plants! We even planted a seed in the dirt and ate it (chocolate pudding, graham crackers, gummy worm and M&M)! We played at the water station, outside, the ball pit and the imagination station! Thank you to all the chaperones that joined us on the trip! We couldn't have done it without your help! We enjoyed a picnic lunch in outside at Paradise Park!

Our schedule for next week:
Monday-D Day
Tuesday-A Day
Wednesday-B Day
Thursday-C Day
Friday-D Day

Friday, May 11, 2018

Field Day and Kindergarten Learning

We had a great time at Field Day!  What a beautiful morning.  THANK YOU to all of the volunteers that came to help it run smoothly!  The students had a fun time!

We're working on measurement and data/sorting in math.  We'll continue this next week as well.

During writing, we are working on writing to persuade our reader.  We're really having fun with things we would like to have at school (playground equipment, different lunch choices, etc).  We will also continue this next week as well.

We're still working hard on reading.  We are focusing on reading like first graders! 

Next week's schedule:
Monday-C day
Tuesday-D day & Field Trip to Paradise Park
Wednesday-A day
Thursday-B day
Friday-A day

Friday, May 4, 2018

Solar System and Measurement

We have had a great week of learning this week! Our topic has been the Solar System and our students have LOVED every minute of learning about the planets. We learned that the sun is an important part of our solar system.  We have learned a lot of facts about each planet.

In math, we have been learning about measurement.  We did class rotations this week and learned about capacity from Ms. Mehwald, weight from Mrs. Hellbusch and length from Mrs. Winkelmann and Mrs. Ottis. 

Please mark your lunch calendar for the following "manager choices" in May!

There are several Manager Choices on the May menu. They are as follows:
 May 7:   Mini Corn Dogs
 May 11:  Mixed Up Fish (will be a mix of fish sticks and fish nuggets)
 May 16:  Corn Dog
 May 21:  Turkey Burger
 May 23:  Pretzel Burger
 Also, please note that on the last full day for lunch, May 29, there are only 2 choices   for that day! 
  Choice 1:  Popcorn Chicken

  Choice 2:  Cheese Pizza

Next Week's Schedule:
Monday-C Day
Tuesday-D Day
Wednesday-A Day
Thursday-EARLY RELEASE-all students to gym...FIELD DAY at Lakeview 9-11
Friday-B Day