Friday, November 16, 2018

Reading Super Powers, Writing Across the Pages, and Counting to 100

Wow!  We have had a busy week of learning.  Please read to discover what we have been up to!

Reader's Workshop:  We are learning to read with the "Reader's Super Powers".  Here is an overview of the "Powers" we have learned in this unit.

1. Pointing Power-using our index finger to touch each word as we read.
2. Picture Power- using the picture to help us with clues about what we might be reading.
3. Sound Power- using the beginning sound of words to help us sound out words (then stretching words out to read EVERY sound).
4. Word Power- read the sight words to "zip through words".
5.  Pattern Power-fly through the pattern.  Find patterns in the books I read!

We will be using these powers as we spend time in "Readers Are Superheroes!"  Practice these powers when reading at home with your child.

Writer's Workshop:  We continue to write across pages.  We are focusing on writing a complete sentence with a capital letter at the beginning and a punctuation mark at the end.  We are really focusing on putting spaces between our words.  Practice writing a simple sentence at home with your child.

Math Workshop:  We are working with the numbers 0-100.  We have learned about a new math tool called a 100's chart.  We are discovering patterns on the chart and working hard to count to 100.  Please practice counting to 100 by tens and ones with your child!

Schedule for Next Week:
Monday: B Day
Tuesday: C Day

Schedule for the Week of November 26-November 30
Monday: D Day
Tuesday: A Day
Wednesday: B Day
Thursday: C Day
Friday: D Day

Friday, November 9, 2018

Jolly Phonics & Numbers in the Teens

We have completed the Jolly Phonics program!  Please continue to review and practice.  Our SMART goal in Kindergarten is that by the end of second quarter 100 percent of our Kindergarten students will be able to produce all 42 Jolly Phonics sounds.  

Please help your child practice these sounds so we can be successful and meet our classroom goal.  The double letters sounds are especially tricky for our kids.   You can use the following language to help your child remember these tricky sounds.

Rule Followers (When two vowels go walking the first ones do the talking)

Rule Breakers (have their own sound)

Bossy “R”

H Brothers


















We continue to focus on the numbers in the "teens."  Please work on these numbers with your student.  Practice counting a group of objects to 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.  This one-to-one matching/counting is an important skill.  Practice identifying the numbers and writing each of them the correct way.  We've been using ten-frames to help us with the numbers in the teens!  In addition, we are working to count to 100!

Next week's schedule:

Friday, November 2, 2018

Word List Home Learning

We have had a great week of learning and fun!  THANK YOU to the English Landing PTA for a fun Fall Party.  We had a great time.

At Parent-Teacher conferences, your child's teacher talked to you about our Home Learning expectations in Kindergarten. Please have your child "touch each letter" to say the sound and allow him/her time to "hear" the word that they are sounding out.  If your child cannot produce the word the first time, have him/her say the sounds a second time.  It may take several times for your child to "hear" the word.  After several attempts, you may want to say the sounds slowly for your child (s-a-t) and help him/her read the word.  If your child can fluently read the words on the list, there are several suggestions for extension on the back of the word list.  In addition, it would be beneficial to have your child write the word (parent says sat, child stretches out sounds (s-a-t) and then writes the word.  This home learning activity should only last ten to fifteen minutes per day.

When you have practiced the words with your child, please have your child write his/her name on the word list and initial or sign the word list.  Return the word list to school in your child's take-home folder when you are ready for a new word list.  Once you have sent in the word list WITH A SIGNATURE, your child will receive his/her next word list.  We will be tracking the completion of our home learning at school and your child will be tracking his/her list completion in the back of the red take home folder.

At this point in Kindergarten, the exposure to making words, building words, hearing sounds in words is very important.  Any extra practice you can provide will help your child be successful in Kindergarten and will lead to reading success!  Thank you for your support at home!

Next Week's Schedule:
Monday- C Day
Tuesday-D Day
Wednesday-A Day
Thursday-B Day
Friday-C Day